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What is Beldi?

Beldi Rugs® showcases one of the finest collections of authentic vintage and contemporary Moroccan rugs in the UK. Each piece is hand picked based on its credentials. 

Beldi is a Moroccan word meaning traditional, rural and natural. It conveys the sense of purity and authenticity we love about Morocco. Beldi Rugs® are handcrafted from the wool of a special breed of sheep that roams Morocco’s rugged Middle Atlas Mountains, historic home of the Berbers. Each rug is unique – an authentic piece of folk art. Our handpicked rug collection is rooted in the culture and landscape that produced them. They are vintage pieces, some dating back to the 1940's and 50's. If you are looking for something unique, natural and authentic, Beldi Rugs® is for you. Bring a piece of the "real" Morocco into your home. 


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