Modern Azilal MB006

Modern Azilal MB006


Contemporary Azilal rug with really unusual speckled design. A much larger piece than most Azilal rugs - perfect for modern homes. New condition but one of the older contemporary pieces. We are so excited we discovered this absolute gem.

Our modern Azilal rugs possess the same distinctive features of traditional vintage Azilals: a natural wool background with a colourful abstract tribal design. 

Unlike many of the low grade wool, mass produced factory pieces, our modern Azilal rugs are still handwoven using artisanal weaving techniques by the women of indigenous Moroccan tribes. Each piece is unique and made from the finest grade of wool and the designs have an edgy, modern twist - often in really bright modern colours or neon. 

Each rug’s design depicts a story from daily life, seasonal or personal family event or tribal tale specific to the berber weaver that made it.

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Rug Dimensions

230 cm length (plus tassels) x 140 cm width

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