Boujad Kilim Runner 245 – Kaleidoscope SS17 collection

"Wilder" is a striking 1960's vintage Boujad Kilim runner. Incredibly long (just shy of 4m), this is real rarity and such a fine example of authentic traditional Berber style rugs. Rich reddish-pink tones for a traditional Boujad piece. This is just stunning. Created by being woven in 2 parts and stitched together, edges finished in goat hair. Very long and narrow, typical of Berber rugs, this piece requires a very large or long space. Alternatively, could work as a piece of art hanging in a tall atrium or layered hanging over large furniture – be creative! This Boujad Kilim will not disappoint and commands its attention.

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Rug Dimensions

69cm wide x 393cm long

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