Modern Beni Ouarain MB032

Modern Beni Ouarain MB032


Contemporary Beni Ouarain rug with an organic geometric diamond pattern woven in natural dark brown wool. A brand new piece that shares the high quality and traditional style of its vintage peers – thick pile, top grade natural sheep's wool and organic design in natural colours. A beautiful example of high end modern Moroccan beni rugs.

Modern Beni Ouarain rugs are becoming increasingly popular for modern homes due to their size, durability and neutral colour palette. These new Beni Ouarain geometric wool rugs are perfect for minimalist luxury: for Scandi design lovers or even mixing up with mid century modern furniture. An interior designer’s best friend, they are both hard wearing and timelessly chic.

Our Modern Beldi benis are woven from only the very finest grade of wool, which give them a really organic look and feel similar to vintage Beni Ouarain pieces.

We have hunted high and low to bring you modern Beni Ouarain rugs that echo the same quality and refined design detail of our older pieces. Each modern Beni Ouarain featured in the Modern Beldi collection is a one-off design and made of an exceptional quality.

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Rug Dimensions

260 cm length (plus tassels) x 175 cm width

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