"Rafiq", from the Berber name meaning 'friend or companion', is an authentic piece of Berber tribal weaving from days gone by. An Azilal piece from the 1970's, it's very true to the style from this region. Natural cream and dark brown wool rectangular checks are given a tribal design twist with the addition of bright blue and red with a small accent colour of emerald green. Towards the centre, the checkered pattern becomes more square in shape and focuses on a simple tribal motif, perhaps signifying the male element. It is rare to know the exact meaning of the design elements the women of the tribe used as so personal to their own story.

One this is for sure though – Rafiq would make a great companion on a cold wintery night as a tribal bed cover or to simply curl up in around an open log fire. Handwoven entirely from 100% sheep's wool, it's light enough to use as a throw but warm enough to wrap up in. 


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Dimensions: 160 x 252cm (plus tassels) – fits double bed

Product Code: AW171814

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