"Blenheim" holds somewhat of a regal beauty. An incredible quality thick natural wool rug that is so soft underfoot with 3 bands of small checkers running through the length. Sometimes these appear to be human figures and other times the design could portray turrets of a castle. It's very intriguing! The checkered design is in most incredible palette of natural greyish-brown, deep violet and smokey mauve. A simple but extraordinarily beautiful design.

Ait Bou Ichaouen rugs are becoming very popular as an alternative to Beni Ouarain and Azilal pieces. Similar to traditional beni rugs, they are often thick pile natural wool but like Azilal rug designs, they are rich in unique tribal designs and patterns often in bold colour.


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Dimensions: 133 x 234cm (plus tassels)

Product Code: AW171805

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